Atomik Arts Digital Image Supply

Atomik Arts are proud to announce that customers now have the extra option of purchasing a desired image, additional to the various print choices available.
For example, images captured at a recent music, corporate event or individual shoot, can be purchased and the digital image can be supplied in no time, for an affordable fee!

This is ideal for those who want to share the image with friends or for those who want a great desktop background, for example!
Prices start from as low as $49.50 ea (inc. GST) of individuals and local music artists and a very reasonable $110 ea (inc. GST) for images featuring international music artists or from festivals.

Keep in mind photo retouching and resizing, to 1600 x 1200, are also included in the price per image, so this presents a very good bargain!

Payment is convenient and images can be supplied in various ways, so contact us for more information!

Soon, licensed use of Atomik Arts images will also be available for clients who wish to utilise images for promotional use, publication and online media. Contact us for more info.