Our portfolio of works.
Below are a number of sites which showcase our photography work to date:

Atomik Arts Gallery –
InTtheMix Galleries – Australia’s Leading Electronic Music Community
Teknoscape galleries – Respected Perth-based Electronic Music Community
Flickr galleries – Atomik Arts’ Finest works

RedBubble galleries – Atomik Arts’ Finest works, also available for purchase.
Resident Advisor – Leading Global Online Electronic Music Magazine

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Links and articles of interest
Below you’ll find a number of relevant links and also some articles.

Design Institute of Australia
Authentic Design Alliance, Australia
A “Nominal” Response – Example of Free-Pitching and erosion of the value of Design.

6 reasons why a logo should cost more than your lunch
“Why the Price-tag?” – An overview and explanation of the elements that factor upon photo print pricing of all professional photographers.

Folding @ Home – Utilising idle computer processing power to make a difference and beat cancer!

Videos of interest:

Here is a video that aims to explain more about the industrial designer and their role in the 60’s, but the theory never goes out of date – someone needs to find solutions to problems! Check it out:

Please note: Atomik Arts are not responsible for the content and opinions via the above links and they are provided merely as a reference that engage a thought-provoking outlook to photography, design, music culture and encourage discussion about design and photography.

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