Graphic Design

Atomik Arts™ have created unique and effective solutions for graphic design and digital artwork  for many businesses.

Just some of our services on offer:

  • Logos, branding packages, colours and style guides, slogans and catch lines
  • Digital artwork for flyers, business stationery,  advertising and promotional materials, posters, book and CD covers + more
  • Vouchers, coupons and Direct Mailer Design
  • Vector Artworks for high quality and scalable graphics
  • Pictographs, assembly diagrams, exploded views, 3D model rendering + much more!

We also provide affordable and professional grade printing for jobs of 100 upto 50,000+
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Our graphic designs draw people’s attention and act as a visual tool to engage and attract people to your product, service or event.

A successful corporate identity solution is visible amongst many examples of local, national and international firms. Without a unique and clearly defined logo, a carefully selected choice of colours and iconic features, the business image and purpose is not remembered by the most important people – the customers.

Corporate identity, branding and logos work together to represent your business as a reputable, professional organisation with a focus on its customers.
What’s more, a business that provides quality products and service to its customers will establish its brand, in effect advertising your business by word-of-mouth and positive feedback. New customers can then easily associate with and recognise the brand and image of a successful business.

Likewise, when establishing your brand means everything, specification is also a vital component of enforcing the image of your business.

Custom colour information and details, type fonts, character spacing, keep out zones and other features are just some of the details that can help specify and control a unified approach to your business identity across print, advertising, business stationery and signage.

The business card and stationery set are important tools and are usually your first point of contact with clients.
In itself, a successfully designed business card can promote and advertise your business and can complement the impact of your brand and logo.
Think of a well-designed business card as a presentation of professionalism.

Atomik Arts can tailor a bunch of fresh concept designs as a stationery set to compliment your corporate image, but also will enforce the promotion of your business and shows a consistent approach to quality and service to your clients.

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